Our olive oil

The other nectar

The olive trees have always been a feature of the estate, earning them great sentimental value. The fruits of our 400 olive trees are harvested at the first frosts of winter to produce an oil with character. Organic and cold-pressed, the Bastide de Blacailloux olive oil displays an intense range of aromas and a lasting finish. This oil adds a sensory touch evoking the melodious hills of Green Provence.


Our honey

Flowers of Garrigue

Bastide de Blacailloux is home to some fifty beehives in a pristine environment, where cultivation is carried out with great respect for nature. Our bees thrive amid 400 hectares of organic vegetation, where they feed on spring flowers, rosemary and thyme. This honey is a perfect reflection of our terroir. Smooth and intensely flavoursome, with a beautiful dark brown.


Our lavender


The fruit of the transhumance of our bees on the Valensole plateau, the Mecca of French lavender, our honey is of an exceptional quality and proudly represents our region. Bastide de Blacailloux lavender honey pairs perfectly with Green Provence goat’s cheese.