The Chamoin Family

Winegrowers since 1917

The Chamoin family has been cultivating the vines at Blacailloux for more than 3 generations. The old large wooden casks found in the cellar of the Bastide family bear witness to this. In 1917, Marguerite Barbaroux, Bruno Chamoin’s grandmother, planted the first vines and produced her wine in these very same casks. In 1995, Bruno Chamoin, infused with the love of vines throughout his youth, took over the management of the wine-producing property alongside his father. When he inherited the domain, he pursued the family legacy to transform it into one of the most elegant wine tourism sites in Green Provence.

Bastide de Blacailloux

Amid vineyards, beehives and olive groves

Around one hundred hectares of organically farmed vines, a high-altitude terroir comprising limestone and flint, countless olive trees and beehives amid the forests of Green Provence: Bastide de Blacailloux is a wine domain where biodiversity is treasured and preserved. Thanks to the combination of a rich terroir, a favourable climate and a sustainable approach, we explore the diversity and complexity of the grape varieties we cultivate to bring out the very best in an appellation well worth the detour.

Its wines, olive oil and honey, coupled with the commitment to reveal the full potential of this unique terroir, make it an exceptional domain.


Looking towards the future

Sustainability & modernity

‘Blacaille’ means holm oak in Provençal dialect. A byword for wisdom, sustainability and anchorage. An extremely symbolic name for a domain that combines tradition and innovation, history and modernity. Bastide de Blacailloux offers traditional wines and products, while magnifying the expertise of past generations with cutting-edge technologies: flying over the vines with drones, analysing the quality of the vines using artificial intelligence, ultrasound cleaning of the maturing casks, vats with rotating blades, etc. Since 2009, Bastide de Blacailloux has been boldly reinventing its wine-growing heritage and striving for excellence and exemplarity in all the domain’s endeavours.


Nature & People

A duty to preserve and pass on

Respect for nature and people, attachment to the land, rigorous standards of craft and excellence: these family values shape the development of Bastide de Blacailloux and set the pace for the daily life and growth of this vineyard. The duty to preserve comes with the duty to pass on. Passing on to future generations. Passing on the different skills and expertise nurtured throughout the domain. People play a key role for the preservation of what already exists, for innovation, for the betterment of a terroir where the fruits of our labour yield products of the highest quality.


Our passionate team

Family and team spirit

For Bastide de Blacailloux, wine is a family affair, but also a matter of teamwork and expertise. Alongside the Chamoin family, the men and women of Blacailloux work day in, day out, in the vineyards, in the winery and in the offices, to help the domain grow. They are all united by the value of mutual aid and their commitment to the products and the land. Each and every one of them is driven by the desire to achieve excellence through a collective and multidisciplinary work ethic. Multiple talents. Mutual vision.